Ada Protein dalam Urine Ibu Hamil, Bahayakah?

Is protein within the urine of pregnant girls harmful?

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During being pregnant, moms are normally suggested to carry out a number of laboratory assessments. Usually, these laboratory assessments are executed extra usually as wanted if the being pregnant is in danger or if there are problems. One of the assessments executed throughout being pregnant is a urine check. The outcomes of this urinalysis can inform you when you’ve got a urinary tract an infection, and much more terrifying is a rise in protein in your urine. Wow, what do you imply?

In reality, throughout being pregnant, the quantity of protein in your urine naturally will increase. However, typically there’s an irregular enhance in urine. So what occurs when a pregnant girl’s urine is excessive in protein? What ought to I do and what dangers do I face?

High urine protein requirements

A pregnant girl’s urine protein quantity of lower than 300 mg/day continues to be thought-about regular. It additionally determines the gestational age. If a pregnant girl’s urine protein ranges are excessive throughout the first trimester, then there’s nothing to fret an excessive amount of about than the situation develops within the final trimester of being pregnant.

If the quantity is greater than 300 mg/day, it’s stated that the protein within the urine is excessive. If that is detected at 20 weeks or extra of being pregnant, it could be an indication of preeclampsia and needs to be evaluated additional by a gynecologist. Read the outline of protein in pregnant urine under that will help you perceive!

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Causes of protein within the urine of pregnant girls

Protein within the urine of pregnant girls might be attributable to varied causes relying on the gestational age.

first trimester

If you might have excessive ranges of protein in your urine throughout the first 20 weeks of being pregnant, a kidney downside often is the trigger. When the kidneys should not working correctly, protein ranges within the urine can enhance.

Several situations could cause kidney injury, together with hypertension, diabetes, lupus, and kidney illness. Urinary tract infections also can enhance protein ranges within the urine.

20 weeks or extra

The reason for protein within the urine of pregnant girls after 20 weeks of being pregnant is preeclampsia. Therefore, in case you are greater than 20 weeks pregnant and have excessive ranges of urine protein, your physician ought to consider you.

High ranges of protein within the urine should not the one indicators of preeclampsia. A blood strain of 140/90 mmHg or greater after two or extra assessments can also be an indicator of the prognosis of preeclampsia.

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Overcoming excessive protein urine in pregnant girls

Treatment of excessive protein in urine in pregnant girls will depend on the trigger and gestational age. If you might have low protein ranges in your urine and are wholesome with out power well being issues, normally the very first thing your physician will do is to calm you down and recommend that you simply drink loads of water should you suspect you might be dehydrated. However, docs normally additionally do further evaluations.

If you might have different well being issues which might be triggering urine protein, resembling hypertension, diabetes, or coronary heart illness, you need to have an extra bodily examination.

If you might be identified with preeclampsia within the final trimester of being pregnant, you need to deal with it intensively, together with a small child within the womb whose situation must be monitored.

If you might be greater than 37 weeks pregnant and have been identified with preeclampsia, your physician will normally advocate induction and supply to maintain you and your child protected. If you might be lower than 37 weeks pregnant, it is strongly recommended to take a break. mattress relaxation, Magnesium sulfate medication got to stop seizures. So at all times test your being pregnant recurrently, Mom!

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